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About Us


Melamed Eye Care Optometry

We are proud to be an authorized provider to prescribe and sell Upneeq®, the newest and most exciting product in the eye care world. Upneeq® is the first and only FDA-approved prescription eye drop that can safely and effectively treat acquired ptosis (eyelid drooping). Upneeq® is only by prescription by a licensed doctor. Our website allows you to fill out a medical history, provide valid ID, and photo of your eyelids and one of our doctors will review and approve your order. Products are shipped directly to your home or office.


Imagine an EYE-OPENING Lift
with a Daily Drop of UPNEEQ®


Upneeq® is a Registered Trademark of RVL Pharmecieticals. This website is not affiliated with RVL Pharmeciuticals. We are a private practicioner that is authorized to prescribe and resell Upneeq® delivered to your door