Can-C Lubricant Eye Drops

Can-C Lubricant Eye Drops


Can-C Lubricant Eye Drops with N-acetylcarnosine

Two 5 ml Vials

N-Acetyl Carnosine drops are formulated for lubrication of the eyes and control of cataracts. If you want assurances about what will work and what will be safe in your eye, and safe to use for months at a time, insist on Can-C eye-drops. For maintenance and eye health support, as part of a health recovery plan, Can-C works for you.

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Key Benefits.

(legal disclaimer, This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat cure or prevent disease.)

Reduces the occurrence and the development of senile cataract.
Assist to lower the intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma.
Beneficial for contact lens disorders.
Helps those suffering from presbyopia.
Treat corneal disorders.
Combat eyestrain.
Ease computer vision syndrome.
End the discomfort of ocular inflammation.
Restore normal sight to those inflicted with blurred vision.
Alleviate dry eye syndrome.
Success in the fight against retinal diseases.
Treatment of vitreous opacities and lesions.
Improve the function of the aging eye.


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